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Born on May 12th, and raised in the United States, my life since I became an adult has been spent in Iceland. Einar Kjartansson and I have been a couple since 1972 and married since 1974. We have raised 4 wonderful and intelligent children: Bjarni, Brynja, Andri and Lora. And our family has grown. :) Here is a picture of Brynja's significant other Hinrik. And Brynja and Hinrik are now proud parents of our wonderful grandson Bjartur.

I earned a BA in college, but have spent most of my years in caring for my family.

My interests are quirky and varied, my points of view sometimes staid and old fashioned ( sometimes not ! ) and my physical appearance changes as I indulge or keep a strict watch on my diet ! I am an avid reader, a listener, a music lover (except for female operatic pieces and Heavy Metal ! ) and get hooked on certain types of tv sitcoms or movies.

My kids say I am too sensitive, and I do tend to dwell on what I see as wrong or unjust in word or deed, especially towards children, but not exclusively. I believe that with effort, all people can get along, and that VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER, no matter what ! And although not religious, I firmly believe in the adage: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is a creed to live by !

And I love to walk, especially through tree-lined paths, and along the beach.

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Last update 3. August 2013.