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Thurs 25 Nov 2010: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
2010-11-25 15:36

I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving today! Hope you leave your tables replete and happy! Best wishes to one and all. :)

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Wed 24 Nov 2010: Exquisite Relief
2010-11-24 09:24

This morning, after nine months of constant, debilitating pain and almost as constant stretching and bending exercises, my back finally slipped back into place. The cessation of pain was so exquisite that I almost cried with the relief. After resting for a few minutes, I proceeded to massage and stretch all those areas that were sore after so long being mis-aligned. More rest. I hardly dared move for fear that the pain would return. But I am up now and my body feels... nothing. :)

How appropriate that Thanksgiving is upon us. I am, indeed, so very thankful. :)

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Sun 1 Aug 2010: Happy Birthday, Hope!
2010-08-01 12:04

Today, my grandniece Hope is 1. Happy Birthday, Hope!

Today is also my childhood friend, John (Jr)'s birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day, John! Best Wishes!

No other real news...

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Tue 20 Jul 2010: Flutter Flutter :)
2010-07-20 18:35

Hello everybody. :)

Over the past week, we had a visit from Einar's sister, Frida. She was taking part in the 55k run on Laugarvatn. She did well and came back tired but content. It was good to see her. :)

We also enjoyed a 'skype visit' with Brynja and Bjartur and Hinrik. Brynja's belly is coming along just fine :) and she has begun feeling the flutters. What a wonderful sensation!! Between now and January, lots of fun flutters and rolls, etc, should be felt. hehe

My barb fish, Khan, impaled himself on a shell and didn't recover. So now our tank houses four guppies: 1 very beautiful male and 3 more modestly colored females. I haven't named any of them yet. I rearranged the shells so that the fish couldn't follow Khan's example. So far, they are doing fine. :) (Fingers crossed!)

We've been having lovely weather the last few days - in the upper 70s. :) I was out a little too long on a couple of walks and ended up with my usual rash on my arms. But I slathered the rash with skin cream and feel better now. :)

Einar was on earthquake duty all last week and tomorrow will give the weekly report of such. Then it will be someone else's turn to be on watch.

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Sun 4 Jul 2010: Happy Independence Day!
2010-07-04 07:36

Happy Independence Day, people! I hope the weather and celebrations will be good for you. :)

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Wed 23 Jun 2010: Kari and Claire Elizabeth!
2010-06-23 11:46

Yesterday was a red letter day. :) Einar's nephew Kari (Ottar's son) turned 2. Congratulations, Kari!

Also yesterday, Claire Elizabeth became the newest member of our family. Welcome, little Claire! Pretty name - pretty baby. :) Congratulations, Joy and Nick!


In other news, I finally named our fish: (Ghenghis) Khan. Why that name? Well, he's ruthless, feisty and won't share his kingdom (i.e. his fish tank) with any other finned being! He killed the bottom feeder after maybe 12 hours (most of it overnight) of nipping at him. Poor bottom feeder! I felt very bad at having taken him from a happy life with all his fellows in the tank at the fish store to a tank ruled by a despot who gave him no peace at all! What a horrible way to die!

I'm sure this resulted in bad karma, even though it was inadvertent. I discovered too late, after scouring the internet and asking at a couple of pet shops, that Khan is a barb fish and doesn't get along with any other fish, not even other barbs!!

The lady at the fish store suggested getting rid of Khan and buying some more amicable fish so I could have more than one in the tank but, upon reflection, I took Khan in good faith. He can't help his nature. So I'll keep him until his fish days are naturally numbered. (Maybe this will offset the bad karma.)

On a happier note, Khan doesn't bother the snails! We have at least 7 snails wandering around the tank. :) And I put a little greenery in there with the rocks to make it a little less austere, so Khan and snails should do just fine.

Bjarni stopped by and told me a little more about maintenance and there is fresh oxygen being pumped into the tank on a regular basis. Now all I have to do is figure out the timer for the light, although it's really no chore to turn it on when I get up in the morning and off when I go to sleep at night. It's not a rigid schedule but probably good enough. :)

Even with all the hiccups, I really do enjoy having a fish tank and fish in the house. Makes it homier. :)

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Fri 18 Jun 2010: Back home again :)
2010-06-18 14:01

Einar, Lora and I got back home a bit after 10 last night. :)

Last Sunday we went north (they drove, I flew) to celebrate Dui and Maria's wedding and then Stina's 50th birthday. Einar and I stayed at this wonderful summerhouse with Stina and Oli; others came and went (Maria, Thorbjorg and her husband and their 2 daughters, Joi and his daughter Fanney all stayed over some of the time; Hlif, Ella, Agnar, Ingimundur and his son Ivan visited during the day). The house is situated by a lake about 40 minutes' drive from Akureyri. Super peaceful and absolutely beautiful! Add to that all the wonderful people (many many more came for the parties than are listed above!) and the food.. Criminy! It's no wonder we had such a marvelous time! :)

And, as a result, for the first time when coming back home, I actually wasn't glad to be back! The closely packed buildings, endless pavement and crowds of people in Reykjavik (mostly young people out partying since it was Iceland's Independence day yesterday) were an unwelcome contrast to our time by the lake!

But I am glad to be back home. :) There was no phone or internet connection at the summerhouse and Einar and I felt the lack. Plus, it wasn't so easy to just run out to the store when we discovered something was missing or needed. Thorbjorg and Maria made several trips back and forth bringing things from Akureyri.

It was a grand visit! Some highlights: Einar swam in the lake (very well documented both with pictures and video); He and I (among many many others) took a rowboat out on the lake (he wouldn't let me row); Stina and Dui grilled tons of foods!; Thorbjorg and Stina and Stina's mom made innumerable yummy cakes, and MacIntosh candies seemed endless!; We visited lots with Dui and Maria's baby Ylva; Kids (Soley, Sesselja, Fanney, Ivan and Jakob Agust) raced around the yard and made up endless games with one another and all of us adults; We played indoor games, too: Monopoly, Alias, and Yatzi; And the night before we left, Stina, Thorbjorg, Lora and I ended up in the hotpot with a floating tray of grapes, strawberries and blueberries!! The laughter and stories flowed as easily as the water. :) We were out there until 2 in the morning (although you'd never know it since the sun doesn't set here in the summer) and probably would have been longer if the water hadn't begun to get too cold! (None of us could figure out how to increase the heat. haha) Regretfully, we took turns dashing into the house to shower and change clothes. Then we all snuck (well, relatively quietly, hehe) into our beds for the remainder of the night. Fun!!

Finally, yesterday, after more cake and tea, conversations, visits (Dui and Maria and Ylva and Hlif came again :)) and dinner, Joi and Fanney gave me a ride back to the Akureyri airport to catch my flight back home. Just after they left, Maria (Oli's daughter) came and chatted with me until boarding commenced. So I got to say goodbye to her, too. :)

Picture me happy. I am. :)

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Mon 7 Jun 2010: Refridgerator kaput
2010-06-07 10:12

Over the last four days, the milk (just bought with a long time before the expiration date) was spoiled when we opened the carton. Sometimes this happens and we just assumed it was one of those times when something had gone wrong at the plant. But then I noticed that it wasn't very cold in the fridge last night when I was pulling things out to cook dinner. And then I noticed that there was no hum. One grows so accustomed to the background hum going on and off that it takes a real effort sometimes to hear it deliberately. But no, no hum. The refrigerator had obviously reached its limit. We bought it in 1986. I guess that's a goodly run for a refrigerator.

Currently, all the perishables are in the mini fridge downstairs. This is not exactly convenient for me as stairs are a real challenge. But it's definitely better than no fridge at all!

Stuff in the mini freezer (bread) above the fridge compartment was still frozen (except what I had put in the night before) when I discovered the problem. But I've been noticing irritating problems with the freezer section for some months now. So this problem with the lower section came as no surprise, although it was still upsetting. I tend to get upset when things stop working out of the blue (phone, computer, vacuum cleaner, etc). Einar just reminds me that nothing lasts forever. (Why not?!!) True, but I still get upset.

Temperature tests today show that the fridge is still working a little, just not reliably (the readings were very variable). Einar's pretty sure a lot of electricity is being wasted in the process.

So now, late this afternoon, Einar and I are going to make a quick trip to the appliance store and hopefully come back with another fridge of the same size, as that is plenty big enough for the two of us and fits comfortably in our kitchen. And hopefully it will last for another 20+ years! ;)

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Wed 2 Jun 2010: Sigurdur Armann Arnason 9 July 1973 - 22 May 2010
2010-06-02 11:39

Today is Arni's stepson Siggi's funeral. I remember him as a gentle giant for he was very tall, and sweet to one and all. :)

One of my first memories of Siggi is when we took Bjarni on a visit to his house. Bjarni couldn't have been more than 4 or 5. A slightly older Siggi and his sister Anna were commiserating with him as he understood next to no Icelandic! I thought that was so sweet. I was pleasantly surprised that young children could be so thoughtful and observant. :)

Siggi was a talented musician, played the guitar and sang. We have at least 2 cds of his music. He participated in concerts, some abroad, with other pretty well-known bands.

We didn't see a whole lot of him over the years, but he almost always showed up at the family get-togethers that are held every January on the last day of Christmas. He had a handshake, a hug and or a smile for everyone he met. And it was lovely to see him there, whether or not conversation ensued. :)

It's always hard to lose a loved one, but I think that losing one's child has to be the hardest. One just doesn't expect to have to say goodbye to one's child!

My sincere condolences to Siggi's parents, Magga and Arni, and to Siggi's brothers and sisters.

Bjarni is very sad that he could not change his flight plans to come to the funeral. He and Ewelina are in Warsaw, and they come to Iceland tomorrow afternoon. He asked me to extend his condolences to the family. He would have been here if he could but the time was too short to be able to change the tickets. And Brynja is in London.

Both Bjarni and Brynja were struck by the sad news, as were we all. Siggi died way too young.

May Siggi rest in peace, and his family find peace in warm and happy memories of him over the years.

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Sun 30 May 2010: Busy weekend
2010-05-30 10:30

Yesterday was chockfull! Einar and I started out the day by voting (for the mayor of Reykjavik). Our candidate did not win, Andri's did. There were upsets of the reigning party majority in almost every community around the island this election. It was all very exciting but it's what comes next that will be interesting. The new mayor of Reykjavik is a good actor and stand-up comedian but no one has any idea how good a mayor he'll make. Hmmm.

Next we spent hours clearing out ancient files from our file cabinet, something I've been wanting to do for years but Einar is a hard man to pin down. lol Now we have lots of space! Funnily enough, we get very few bills through the mail - most are put on the web these days. However, we didn't even have space for those random pieces of paper so the time had come.

Andri spent the afternoon using the Toyota to transport stuff from his rental room back to his old bedroom here. He'll stay with us until he can find a studio apartment that he likes and can afford.

At dinner time, Andri and Lora joined us to share vegetable pizza and watch the Eurovision Song Contest. They and I were really rooting for the Ukrainian singer to win (man, could she sing!!), but Germany won instead. Sigh... I still don't get the attraction. The Icelandic singer did a wonderful job but she wasn't the favored entry.

When the kids left, Einar went to sleep. By then, my migraine was full blown and would not go away. By around 2 I was feeling pretty bad so took some pain pills. They helped and I had some relief from the bonging for about 4 hours (it's starting up again). I got up at 7:30 to put together a meal for the guys to share on their trip today.

The weather outside is beautiful: blue skies, sunshine and not too hot (as yet). Einar went around 6 this morning to climb Mt Esja. He and Andri just left, enroute to visit Einar's mom at her summerhouse. I did not trust myself to a long car ride, so stayed home. Maybe I'll take a bus downtown (standing) and walk a little. It all depends on the migraine. Strong sunlight tends to make it worse. But the lure of fresh air and walking is strong. :)

Great news for my cousin, Ann!! I'm so glad the meds are working!! Yay!! She's a fighter with a sense of humor. I'm convinced both help immensely! :) I'm so happy for her!

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Sat 22 May 2010: Visits and News
2010-05-22 16:37

Criminy! It's been a LOOONG time since I wrote last! Tch, tch!

During the last 7 weeks, we celebrated Easter; Einar was inundated with trips and interviews concerning the volcanic eruption (first lava, then ash); Einar and I visited Brynja, Hinrik and Bjartur in London; and then we enjoyed visits from Oli and Stina and their daughters and son and families (we got see baby Ylva Run who was born in Jan; she's a cutie!) when we got back home; followed almost immediately by Hinrik, Brynja and Bjartur coming to stay with us for a visit. It's been wonderful! :)

But to back up a little, when the time came for Einar and me to fly home from London, the eruptive ash was very active and causing havoc in flights again; our flight was moved up several hours. Plus, we had arranged to bring Bjartur with us.

We got to the airport and checked in, then waited 2 1/2 hours for a gate to be assigned to our plane. That passed okay. When called to board, we were put on buses. The first bus took off right away. The one we were on waited another 1/2 hour before we were driven to the plane which was in a corded off area of Gatwick airport. Once in our seats, we were finally informed that we would have to wait yet another 2 1/2 hours before the plane could take off. Ugh! To make matters worse, Einar, Bjartur and I were crammed into a row with another guy. Luckily, there were empty seats so the guy was moved elsewhere and we had the row to ourselves. It helped immensely! Across the aisle were 3 rows of British football fans - and they were prepared for a rowdy, loud, fun-filled flight! They were not best pleased to be seated across from a wee babe!

In addition, we were informed that there was no food available. They could provide beverages but that was all.

This could have been disastrous but it ended up alright. The football fans were nice guys for all their rowdiness and they were both polite and helpful. :) We had brought lots of things for Bjartur to eat, so with the pro-offered water or apple juice, he was a happy camper and a very good traveler. He even slept a little once the 3 hour flight got underway.

Once we got to Akureyri, in north Iceland, Hinrik and his brother Thordur picked us up in Thordur's van. We didn't start the 6 hour drive to Reykjavik immediately; instead we adjourned to Oli and Stina's house for a break and some cake. I was starving by then having only had a piece of fruit for an early breakfast almost 10 hours earlier.

We drove home and make several stops along the way for both Bjartur and me to get out, stretch and move; Bjartur ran! :) We reached home at midnight. All of us succumbed to napping in the car during the last stretch. We'd had a VERY long day!

It took us a good 2 days to make up for the sleep loss, and me a bit longer to be able to move about freely. I'm not looking forward to repeating the venture any time soon in the next few years! lol

In related news, it looks like the eruption has finally ended. There's a tiny fraction of ash still in the air at the site but there's no sign of flowing lava and the tremors in the area have also abated. ***************

This morning Hinrik left Iceland to fly to Finland where he will complete his training before beginning his summer piloting job which will be based in London. He was lucky enough to do most of his requisite training here in Iceland, combining it with time spent with his family and ours, friends, and innumerable errands and tasks which needed to be resolved after the change in plans; they were planning to move back to Iceland in June but after Hinrik was offered this piloting job, they needed to move things into storage and renegotiate about things like Bjartur's play school. They also had to relinquish the apartment they'd found; luckily, no papers had been signed.

Brynja, Bjartur and her in-laws will be flying back to London on Monday. And in just over a week after that, Bjarni and Ewelina will be flying to Iceland after a year long absence. This summer is just chockful of happenings!!

For example, Lora is graduating June 12th with a B.A. Many many congratulations to her!! We're so very proud of and happy for her! :) Around the same time, cousin Lauren will be graduation from high school! Many congratulations, Lauren!!


Not so happy news: one of my friend's sons was tragically killed in a car accident. Such a shock, such a loss! I'm so very sorry, Ron! We parents never expect to attend the funeral of one of our children! Sincere condolences are extended.


It's rather dizzying to experience so many happenings in such a short space of time. There's no time to come to grips with any of it until long afterward and then there are other things to contemplate.

Such is life! :) More news later.

I hope this finds people healthy and happy or at least headed in that direction! Take care!

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Thur 1 Apr 2010: Ylva Run christened
2010-04-01 09:22

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. :)

Yesterday we said goodbye to Maria, Oli's and Stina's younger daughter. She stayed with us overnight. It was great to see her - it's been many months since our last encounter! As always, she was bubbly and talkative and we shared some laughs. She caught a ride with Joi and Nina to go back home to Akureyri, so now Einar and I are looking forward to our next visitor. Hmmm... I wonder who it will be?

The eruption grew more lively yesterday, enough to make the officials turn everyone away until it 'calms down' again to its previous spouting levels. Maybe the kids will get their wish and it will still be erupting in a couple of months' time. Andri came over and said he'd like to go again to visit the site. I think Einar was a little surprised by that.

Today the newest member of the family (Dui and Maria's daughter) will be christened. :) Many congratulations to the parents, grandparents, aunts and all the family. Welcome to little Ylva Run (sounds like illva rune). :)

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Mon 22 Mar 2010: Off to see the eruption!
2010-03-22 10:48

Yesterday was fun! We got to see lots of family: Thorbjorg, Oli, Stina, Ingimundur, Arni, Joi, Nina and Fanney. Whew! The house was packed for awhile there. hehe Andri put in an appearance but Lora did not (she was feeling poorly all day) so she and Atli didn't come. Andri had a BIG surprise for us all! He had attended a party the night before and, as his contribution to the entertainment, chopped off his hair!!! Yup! I've got pictorial proof! Since Ingimundur had chopped his ponytail some time ago, Oli was feeling distinctly bereft. He said he was the only one left. Poor guy!

Today began bright and early as Einar prepared for the day's jaunt to see the volcanic eruption near Thorsmork. Five cars comprised the caravan of hopeful sightseers. Einar had a full complement of passengers: Andri, Ingimundur and Ingi Bjarnason. Haven't seen Ingi in quite a while so that was a nice start to the day. :)

On Facebook, Bjarni was indignant that the eruption didn't await his return to Iceland. Andri rubbed it in. Tch,tch! But another of his friends pointed out that he was in Chile for the earthquake there and that he shouldn't be so greedy. These nature lovers - gotta laugh.

So I have the day ahead to myself. And that's fine for I'm feeling a bit draggy after yesterday. I love having guests but afterwards I'm pretty tuckered. Totally worth it, of course! Just means I have to take it a bit easier today. :)

Thanks for the pictures, Jack! Very nice!! I'll be adding them to my collection today at some point. :)

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Wed 17 Mar 2010: Happy St Patrick's Day!
2010-03-17 15:50

Hope you all have a very happy St Patrick's Day. :) I wonder how many will remember to wear green...

Today, of course, has another more important meaning for me and my family, for today is my father's birthday. He is much missed. I can still see the twinkle in his eye and the grin on his face. Yes, he is missed, alot, and by a lot of people. And I feel sorry for all the next generations who never got a chance to know him; it's definitely their loss.

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Mon 15 Mar 2010: Migraine free!
2010-03-15 17:39

Finally, after over a week, my migraine has given way. Yay!

Interestingly enough, the whole time I was fighting the pain, what little sleep I got was not bothered by bad dreams. I would not have been surprised if it had been so, as a result of all the pressure and aching.

I appreciate my dreamcatchers more and more. Not a single bad dream since I put them up. :)

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Tue 2 Mar 2010: Bjarni and Ewelina are fine
2010-03-02 19:01

I spent yesterday hopping from one task to another, unable to settle for long at any one thing, unable to focus, waiting, just waiting..even though I knew that we might not hear that day.

But the wait finally ended. At precisely 7:15 p.m., I got an sms from Bjarni saying they were fine, had loved the cruise and barely felt anything. It was such a relief! I felt ten tons lighter. :) (I wish!) And then Bjarni called, using Skype. It was wonderful to hear his and Ewelina's voices! :)

Mostly Bjarni and Einar exchanged comments and news (in Icelandic) but after a while, I interjected a query about their next plans and Bjarni switched to English. They are planning more trips over the next few days, working their way even further south. This means they will be incommunicado, again. :/ Ah well, at least we know they are okay for now.

Andri came over to visit and share dinner with us, so he caught all the news as well. And he also got to see his nephew as we used Skype and called Brynja and Hinrik to let them know the good news. :)

I'll be very glad when our kids have gotten this wanderlust out of their systems for awhile! The heart and nerves can only take so much! Sheesh!

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